Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paige makes dreams come true.

Andy went hunting last weekend so naturally I called Paige to come visit me. She kindly obliged and showed up on my door step at 9 o'clock Friday night. I knew the weekend would be a great one, but I never imagined we would accomplish the things that we did. You see, I like Dallas alright, but I miss Austin a lot. There's just something about this concrete fortress that I live in that makes me long for the hills and trees and lakes that surround my hometown. Paige constantly reminds me that I should convince my husband to move to Austin as soon as possible. The irony in her visit is that I have loved Dallas more this weekend than ever before thanks to her!

There are numerous things that I have wanted to do in the past couple of months in this city that all took place on Saturday. There is a cute little cafe that I heard about, Garden Cafe, that I have been wanting to try. Paige and I ate there for lunch. It was tasty! I have been desiring to go to Dallas Market Center, this weekend it was open to the public. We went and experienced and enjoyed our time looking at tacky Christmas decorations and gaudy clothing and jewelry. From there we went to the cute antique stores that I drive by everyday on my way to work. I've been dying to go in them! We ate a Sprinkles cupcake! Always enjoyable and something I never do. We had dinner at Cafe Madrid, also a first! And lastly, I've been contemplating starting a blog over the past couple of here it is, my first blog post thanks to Paigey's convincing!

Thanks P, you made all of my Dallas dreams come true!

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