Monday, April 12, 2010

i wish i had a farm.

I had the joy of venturing down to the dallas farmers market with Paige and Leah on Saturday. This is something I have wanted to do for quite a while now so when I saw that the forecast was perfect and knew I had two of my besties to accompany me I figured it was now or never. After proposing this idea and getting a favorable response from both we packed up our (Leah's) environmentally friendly grocery sacks and headed downtown. There was more fruit and veggies, herbs and flowers than I could have imagined. We had a wonderful time perusing the market and were able to walk away lots of delicious produce! This is a trip that L and I will perhaps be making weekly. I would highly recommend finding a friend you can split the produce with - I mean who needs 8 grapefruits in a week? Oh and definitely go hungry there are plenty of samples to be had :)
(pardon the terrible iphone photos - camera of course died as we walked in the gates!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last weekend we were blessed to be able to spend 4 days in Kansas City at the Big 12 Basketball Tournament with our dear friends Tim and Kristen while watching lots and lots of basketball! I think we saw 8 games in 3 days, loved it! It was a fun weekend filled with all of my favorite things...friends, fam, bball and fried pickles :)
Texas game on Wednesday night!
Proudly representing the big 12 south...hook'em, sick'em, gig'em!
Indulging in cinnamon rolls and frying everything in sight including pickles, onion rings and cookie healthy.

The weekend was complete with 2 late night trips to doctors offices. First for my very first eye examination (Tim is an opthamologist, thanks doc!) and next after Kris chipped her tooth at dinner. Good to know some doctors!!

Thanks T&K for hosting an incredible weekend, love yall!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I know, i know...two posts in one day, heck one hour, is like monumental for me! I couldn't help but introduce you all to the newest little bundle that joined the Hay family yesterday.
Amelie Evelyn Hay was born yesterday at 8:16pm in St. Andrews, Scotland weighing in at 5lbs 4ounces. I can't wait to meet this precious one this summer.
Congrats Kendall and Andrew, I am beyond excited for yall!

Dear Texas Basketball,

Oh my, where to begin. You are such a rollercoaster this season. I was not anticipating this ride back in October and yet it has been nothing but chaos ever since January rolled around. You win, you lose, I think you're going to win and you lose, I think you're going to lose and you win. The bottom line're just not what you were hyped up to be and it saddens my heart.

The time has come...we're nearing March, pull it together! I will not give up hope. I will not stop cheering loud, and watching every game. And yes, I'm still even going to Kansas for the tourney. Mainly to see this one though :)

Love and Hook'em,


Ps. The benefit of having dual school citizenship - ags, you're on a roll! You're doin more than alright and makin me proud!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


The weekend before Christmas we had the pleasure of attending Polar Bear Weekend with our Young Life kids. Andy and I, along with my dear friend Melanie are the senior leaders at Berkner High School. It turned out to be an amazing weekend that transformed the hearts of many high school students. I'll be the first to admit I was not too wild about giving up my weekend, but just as I suspected the Lord blew me away from the second we arrived.

There's just something about spending a weekend together in a secluded camp that breaks down walls more than anything else. No Monday night club or talk at Starbucks could have gotten us to the place we ended up with our girls. We were in an environment that was safe. That lended itself to vulnerability. A place that for the first time we were able to hear our girls hearts and see the pain that overflowed from their tear filled eyes. There is a lot of hurt and sadness that they experience, and they were able to express it freely. Without holding back they shared their stories, frustrations, anxieties. Our prayer is that something that was said that weekend - whether from our mouths or someone elses - peirced their hearts to the point of desiring to know and walk daily with the Lord. They are a joy to be around and give a fresh perspective on life for sure. We were blessed to be able to talk and share meals together, go on the zip line, jump on the bouncy balloon, watch the crazy ones jump in the freezing lake, play silly games and stay up till all hours of the night acting like 17 year olds again!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The hubs and I just returned from a glorious week long vacation to DC and New York. In DC we were the epitome of wandering tourist as neither of us had been there before. Our nations capitol is pretty legit. The history is overwhelming and the architecture breathtaking. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back. New York was enjoyable as always. We were privileged to be able to stay with Andy's good friend from high school and his wife. It was great getting to know them and seeing the big apple from a locals perspective!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lazy Blogger.

Ok, so it seems as though i may turn into a lazy blogger. I was scolded by my dear friend Melanie Frazier, who happens to be an all star blogger, about my lack of blogging. So in my attempt to blog something I am actually going to direct you all to Mrs. Frazier's blog to learn about the happenings of our Tuesday evening. It was a night we had long awaited, circled on the calendar and were excited that it had finally arrived. However, we were not prepared for what was to come! Please read on at frolicfancyfree....

(happy mel?!)